Helen Mason


Alumnus of Digswell Arts



My current paintings and drawings are concerned with personal memories, particularly of places, and how these fade and change the reality. Through recall, observation and research, I work through memories changing the images as clarity or new information emerges.

In the Pentimenti paintings, I explored  altered images, allowing the changes, alterations and corrections of the memories to create a history of shapes, lines and colours. These elements start to dictate their own balance and composition, a release from the representational.  This series represents a departure from more figurative work and letting the visual elements come to the fore and working from a more personal viewpoint.

This latest series, Chronicles, follows on from Pentimenti and include mixed media drawings. Taking the ideas and memories further, Chronicles takes deeper into childhood memories and explores the connections with my contemporaries, friends and family. Text has become part of the images. Weaving in and out of the images they recall specific events and often provide a catharsis in that the memories are recorded forever, even if only legible or meaningful to me.


2018  onwards                          Horizon Studios    DAT alumnus

2013 - 2018                              Fellow of Digswell Arts Trust working in the Fenners Studios, Letchworth

                                                 Also workshops and classes in most painting an print media for adults and young people

1981 - 2012                              Head of Art and Design, Creative Arts Faculty in schools in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Nottinghamshire

                                                 Taught art and design to key stages 3, 4 and 5.

1978-81                                    Occupational Therapy in a Leicester psychiatric hospital

1976-77                                    Box office Birmingham Repertory Theatre

1975-76                                    Arts Information, West Midland Arts, Brimingham

1977-78                                   PGCE  ATD             Leicester

1972-5                                     BA Hons Fine Art    Birmingham

1971-2                                     Art Foundation        Loughborough